August 2016

As one of many KunstMeeting artists I was part of the Stadt-Land-Partie in the Seestadt Aspern on Sunday 21st of August.
At first I had planned to create a solo piece for the event but ended up creating a piece for a group of strangers. In the interactive performance "Stadt-Land-Mensch" a living, breathing, moving "sculpture" of Stadtmenschen and Landmenschen is born and then destroyed again. What remains is unseen...

Kreiere deinen "Life-Track" / Create your "life-track"

June 2016

For the finissage of Marcus Beckers novel "Die Lebensformel" we had a KunstMeeting at the Le Méridien. Bernd Brach and I had amazing moments creating "life-tracks" with the visitors of the finissage. A "life-track", what's that, you ask? Well, we decided to create rhythmical und musical patterns that would represent certain needs like attention, love, freedom and so on. Then one visitor would choose about 5 needs that are most important to his/her personal life. Together with a group of other visitors we would then teach the patterns representing the chosen needs and mix them live into a "life-track" and record it. As different as each person was, each life-track was: from up-beat songs to melancholic tunes, we created everything that night. And it was a pleasure seeing the people react and listen to their "life-track". I have to admit, I haven't created mine yet...

KunstMeeting Bernd Brach & Katharina Arnold Kreiere deinen Life-Track

Was Österreich is(s)t...or Dinner with V.

November 2015

After three months back home in Vienna I realised that living abroad had changed my view on the city and the country, I thought I knew. In a way Vienna felt like a new city to me. As if it was simply the next stop on my world trip. I saw the city with different eyes. I noticed new flaws and advantages and also started looking closer at the city and its people. Together with my friend and colleague Elisabeth, who is also a choreographer and dancer, I used this new view in order to explore the following question:

What does it mean to be Austrian?

We Austrians have always been a mixture of countries, races, languages. What is Austrian and what have we "stolen" from other nations?

The following pictures are extracted from the shortfilm we shot on top of the public library of Vienna where Elisabeth and the city Vienna dined together.

(Thank you to Bernhard Rusch our man behind the camera!)

A Festival For Young Art

October 2015

Manuel Gras, initator of the Red Carpet for Young Art, invited Elisabeth Hillinger, Carmen Pratzner and me to be part of the exhibition opening in the Wiener Künstlerhaus. We were asked to express our interpretations of the paintings, sculptures and installations in a 2 hour performance. Working with the pieces and interacting with the audience in the exhibition spaces was really enjoyable, exciting and most of all inspiring. Looking at the paintings from a different angle, using them as a starting point for movement or making them a temporary part of my body changed not only me and my movements but also the vantage point and interpretation of the audience.

Transit of hope

October 2015

Performer in "Transit of hope" (concept Sophia Hörmann) @ Dschungel Wien. 3 hours of turning, coming back, inviting with our hands and sending out hope. A challenging performance with many intensive moments. Thanks to Sophia for taking me onboard!

Touch tales - the film

February 2015 - February 2016

Before leaving the UK for good James Whittle and I decided to create a "non-ephemeral" version of our live performance piece "Touch tales" (for details see below). We brought this idea into existence with the help of talented Juan Sebastian Diaz Santaella and Santiago Sanchez who recorded our visions in film and sound. We could not have done it without those two amazing artists and our great location the "Pack Horse" (Leeds, UK)!

THIS is the link to it (make sure to click on part 2 as well!). We hope you'll enjoy watching it!

Rewriting her-story

February 2015

This solo is an offspring of a 5-day workshop with Dominik Lipp at Home For Waifs and Strays (Birmingham) in February 2015. It explores the themes of female sexuality and losing one's virginity. Who can guess if it was a fairy tale, reality or just fiction?!

Touch tales

February 2015

Collaboration with composer and cellist James Whittle

'Touch tales' blurs the typical roles of dancer and musician in order to examine different forms of touch. A series of interweaving stories reflect on the consequences of actions and on how touch can be interpreted.


James and I first connected through working together as artists-in-residence on the Impossible Lecture Retreat (hosted by Live Art Bistro) at Beacons Festival 2014 . Our collaboration grew from our mutual interest in making interdisciplinary work that challenges perceptions of our respective artistic disciplines. We started working on 'Touch tales' after I completed my MA in Performance at Leeds Metropolitan University. In April 2015 we performed the piece at the Northern Art Festival #3 (Sheffield) and at the York Guildhall as part of SLAPmoves.



November 2014

Intimate 1 to 1 piece that reflects on the distance between bodies, the distance between people. It has been performed as part of a "Brewing Performance" event (Tetley Brewery Leeds) and at the Compass Festival 2014 (Holy Trinity Church).


October 2014

This interdisciplinary work (performance, film, dance) about fathers questions  the notion of "to father" and how they influence the personalities of their children. The piece was created as my Artistic Project Major during my MA in Performance at the Leeds Metropolitan University. Initially being a duo together with Mike McDonald I revised it and worked it into a solo piece for Northern Art #2 in March 2015.

[see trailer of duo]


August 2014

A piece in total silence that focuses on dependence and the two sides of the human soul. A seemingly passive on-looker watches every step of the two performers. Is he the one in charge?! (Performers: Katharina Arnold, Mike McDonald, Adam Young)
The live piece 
was shown at Beacons Festival 2014, Galtres Parklands Festival and at an artist exchange hosted by Home for Waifs and Strays in Birmingham.
Prior to the live piece a short film was created and shown at Kollektiv Sisyphos' Erstbezug #2 at "brick 5" (Vienna).

(This is the link to the film!)

Broken Together

February 2014

A solo piece that was streamed live at Jams Palace (hosted by Dan Craddock and Adam Young). It tells stories of broken hearts and broken bones through the medium of dance, spoken word and music.

(see trailer)

Additional projects and collaborative activities:

August 2014

Artist in Residence "Beacons Retreat" (Impossible Lecture Tent @ Beacons Festival 2014)


March 2014

Choreographer & performer in "This Is Us" (collaboration with Dan Craddock)


May 2013- June 2013

Performer in the exhibition "Unrest of form" in the piece "Instead of allowing …" (Choreography: Tino Sehgal) at Wiener Festwochen


June 2013

Performer site specific performance at Karlstag (Virgenie Roy-Nigel)


May 2013

Performer "Vantage point" as part of the artistic Bachelor degree show at the Konservatorium Wien University

(Choreography: Elisabeth Hillinger)


April 2013

Dancer in "Passagen" (Dschungel Wien, Theatre for Young Audience)


Feb 2013

Choreographer & performer in "Why so serious?" at Atelierkonzert für Neue Musik (Concerts for contemporary music) together with Elisabeth Hillinger and Lisa Bunderla


June 2012

Choreographer "Zweigeleisiges Interview" (Text: Ephraim Kishon), collaboration with Ulduz Ahmadzadeh


Mar 2012

1st price in the category "Creation" at the "11th Fidelio competition" (hosted by the Konservatorium Wien University): Choreographer & dancer in "if Steve was a dancer" an interdisciplinary piece with 11 saxophonists and 3 dancers based on the music of Steve Reich. Additionally booked at the "Wiener Festwochen", the 12th ELIA Biennial Conference (revised version of the piece) and the Vienna Saxfest 2014.


Nov 2011

Performer in "We are changing your perspective!"

(Concept: Martina Rösler, Steffi Wieser)


May 2011

Dancer in "Sofamaschine" to celebrate "10 years MuseumsQuartier Wien" (Concept: lawine torrèn; Hubert Lepka) 


Sept 2010

Performer in "Inventaires des corps mouvementés"

(Choreography: Christine Fricker)

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