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Creating art and teaching music/dance were never two separate things for me. I learned the most from teachers that kept on creating and devising alongside their teaching career. I strive to be an inspiring teacher and to grow through teaching by constantly having to question my artistic beliefs.
In June 2009 I finished my BA in Elementary Music Education and 2013 
in Contemporary Dance Education (both at Konservatorium Wien University). In January 2015 I completed a teaching certificate in "Music- and Movement Education/Rhythmical-Music Education".

In 2015 I also finished my MA in Performance (Leeds Beckett University)

This is an extract of my teaching career so far: 


KinderMusikGruppe - Teaching music and dance lessons for children and their parents from 1,5 - 6 years old (Since 2015)


Kuratorium Wiener Pensionisten-Wohnhäuser - Choir director (Since 2007)


Hilfswerk Chor (Nachbarschaftszentrum 7) - Choir director (Since 2017)


Bewegungstraining "Rampensau" (2021-2023)


Musikschule Wien/VS Dietmayrgasse - Teaching Music in the school cooperation ELEMU for 6-10 year old children (2016-2020)


Wiener Kinderfreunde - Teaching "Dance & Movement“ courses for kids (2011 - 2017)

Leeds Beckett University - Assisting/tutoring in the  module "The Self - (Auto)Biography as source for performance" taught by Alex Kelly (Third Angel) for the 2nd year BA Performance students (2 - 3/2014)


Konservatorium Wien University - Teaching "Improvisation & Body works" for musicians (2 - 6/2013), workshop leader"Exercises in Elementary Music Theatre" (11-12/2006)


Wiener Sängerknaben (Vienna Boys Choir) - Teaching "Choir school II" (2009 - 2010)


Dschungel Wien (Theatre for young audience) - Music theater workshop leader "Pictures at an Exhibition", for adolescents (2010)


KinderUniKunst - workshop leader (2011-2013)

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